IOTransfer Pro License Key Free Download

IOTransfer Pro License Key Free Download

IOTransfer Pro License Key Free Download

IOTransfer Overview :

Your iPhone/iPad manager and free iPhone transfer software for Windows.Transfer/sync contents between iPhone/iPad/iPod and backup to PC.Easy and free to manage/transfer/delete photos, music, videos, apps….

Easy Photo Manager – Retain Your Very Best Moments :

IOTransfer can securely manage photos between iPhone, iPad and PC. Export photos to computer in a single click. Import pictures from PC to iPhone/iPad without needing iTunes. Remove iPhone photos in large quantities for your leisure and space. You are able to retain and share your very best moments anywhere, anytime.

  • Two-Way Photo Transfer :
    IOTransfer offers two-way iPhone photo transfer and management. Bulk export your iPhone photos and pictures to PC or iPad effortlessly, saving your very best recollections of family, buddies, and exiting moments during travelling. Import photos downloaded on PC and iPad to iPhone anywhere, anytime. Share iPhone/iPad photos with buddies by directly syncing to multiple iDevices all at one time without needing iTunes or iCloud. Liberated to transfer your photos, the right path.
  • Immediate Access and Intuitive View :
    IOTransfer sets an easy and direct method to let your PC to gain access to iPhone, iPad or ipod device photos and pictures. It showcases all of your Camera and iCloud photos according to different albums, that is exactly like in your iOS devices. You are able to improve your view by selecting between large, medium and small icons together with date & size details.
  • Bulk Delete iPhone/iPad Photos :
    With IOTransfer you are able to select multiple or all photos inside your iPhone/iPad with a single click to bulk delete photos from PC. It possesses a considerably faster method to delete photos from iPhone apart from tapping on every image together with your finger. ‘Bulk Delete’ feature can effectively solve the memory issue that bothers many iPhone users, enabling you to release extra space for brand new photos and pictures.

Manage iPhone/iPad/ipod device Music as wish :

IOTransfer causes it to be very simple to transfer music between iPhone, ipod device, iPad and PC with neither deleting the origin music, nor coming to a backups in advance. Bulk transfer goes a shorter period to transfer, while additional time to savor music on several devices. So that you can access and share songs with buddies and family anytime. IOTransfer can also be in a position to transfer music downloaded on computer to iPhone/ipod device/iPad without needing iTunes. No limitations anymore that you should enjoy music as wish.

  • Transfer iPhone Music effortlessly :
    IOTransfer offers fast and easy iPhone music transfer and management. Transfer your own music, combined with the artwork, album and artist info, between all devices, including iPhone, ipod device, iPad and PC. Liberated to transfer any music formats based on iOS, for example mp3, wav, and aac. This multi-way iPhone music transfer allows you to enjoy music anywhere.
  • A Much Better Option to iTunes :
    When you get fed up with the cumbersome workflow of iTunes, you need to choose IOTransfer like a better alternative. IOTransfer provides you with more, while require less efforts. Aside from transferring to iPhone/ipod device/iPad, IOTransfer may also transfer iPhone music to PC, that is impossible with iTunes. You don’t need to sync music to iTunes in advance. Source music will stay untouched.
  • Batch-transfer for Music Backup and Discussing :
    IOTransfer effective batch-transfer feature gives you an simpler and faster method to transfer iPhone music. You’ll be able to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, PC along with other iOS devices in large quantities with only 1 simple click. You may either batch transfer music to PC as local backup, that is safer than cloud, or share music for your family and buddies in a good way.

Enjoy Your Video & Movies Wherever You Would Like :

Drag videos or movies out of your iPhone or iPad to computer as you want. Save your valuable favorite videos to anywhere you would like. It will be a significant good experience to savor all of the videos and films on several Apple devices. Quick and easy!

Transfer videos and films between iPhone, iPad and PC without iTunes. An simpler method to share and revel in movies anywhere. Release space in your iOS devices.

  • Effective Two-Way Video Transfer :
    IOTransfer offers an simple and easy , safe two-way video transfer for iPhone and iPad without video quality damage. You are able to export classic movies, favorite videos and television shows out of your iPhone or iPad to PC. With video importing, you’ll be able to transfer HD movies or Youtube vidoes to iPhone and iPad. IOTransfer allows you to watch movies online anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy Video Sync to Multiple Devices :
    With IOTransfer, you’ll be able to sync videos/movies to multiple iPhone/iPad all at one time, by connecting iOS devices to PC with USB cables. Fast syncing speed and batch transfer provide you with an easy method to talk about and revel in iPhone videos. Simpler than iTunes, safer than iCloud.
  • Backup Videos and Release Space :
    Transferring iPhone/iPad videos to PC or exterior hard disk can effectively avoid loss of data and privacy leak. Local backup is safer compared to Cloud, and could be restored anytime even if there isn’t any web connection. Videos take much space on iPhone/iPad. Move these to computer will release extra space in your iDevices.

Transfer iPhone Data, Backup iOS Files :

Transfer iPhone data, including apps, podcasts, e-books and voice memos between iDevices and PC. A much better and safer method to transfer and backup iPhone files without iTunes or iCloud.

  • Transfer iPhone Apps to various iDevices :
    Have to transfer apps to new iPhone or iPad? Wish to share apps with friend? With IOTransfer, it is simple to transfer apps to multiple devices simultaneously with a single click. Just connect all of your iDevices to PC with USB cables, and you can drag apps forth and to any device.
  • Enjoy Favorite e-books Anywhere :
    With IOTransfer, you’re now in a position to enjoy e-books on any devices, anywhere. IOTransfer performs effectively especially on e-books bulk transfer from computer to iPhone/iPad. Just connect your iPhone/iPad to computer, and import the books you’ve already downloaded on your computer. In addition to this, you are able to transfer from PC to multiple iOS devices simultaneously.
  • Transfer and Backup Audio Recordings :
    If you wish to pay attention to audio recordings, for example voice memos, podcasts, and phone call recording on computer anytime, you are able to export from iPhone/iPad/ipod device to computer with IOTransfer. Space for storage is not an issue, since IOTransfer builds a bridge involving the iPhone and computer. Save money on computer like a backup, and release spaces on iOS devices.

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