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ApkModifier v1.5.2 + Mod APK

ApkModifier v1.5.2 + Mod APK

All of us used Luo Mao wood apk editor bar, nearly eight years back started to write, in those days, his Apk editor can be defined as unique. I had been still his user, his apk editor interface can be defined as classic, and today still need to make use of a nostalgic feeling.

However, ApkEditor appears to possess been not able to edit the present software, and lots of open error, don’t support Andrews 5. or over, that I designed a software interface is straightforward, effective than ApkEditor.

This Software have very smal size, can be defined as ?sparrow is small, fully-equipped?, the program doesn’t have any payment function, all of the purposes have an interest.

Features :

  • File manager functions (copy, cut, paste, delete, relabel)
  • Zip manager, on view compressed file, you are able to proceed to the interior files, modify, with no confirmation isn’t saved.
  • Signature Apk
  • so library file symbol name editor (can adjust the symbol name in so, but could be sure that the symbol name from the hash table is correctly repaired, if you wish to clone an apk, when the package includes a so-so package name, which Performed a job)
  • Zipalign compressed packet byte alignment
  • Apk coexistence
  • Res resource file confusion (whether or not to see the QQ package within the file and located no res folder, only r folder, actually, he’s utilizing a similar file encryption)
  • Decompile and compile back Dex file (phone-side apktool can, however the installation package is large)
  • Apk files and photographs can display thumbnails
  • arsc, dex, xml String constant editing

Screenshots :

ApkModifier v1.5.2 + Mod APK

you are able to download ApkModifier v1.5.2 + Mod APK?Download of links given below..


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